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How many times have you put on something in the morning just to ask yourself during the day, "Gosh, what the hell was I thinking?", after which your self-confidence falls immediately. Known feeling, right?

Or remember the 10 years challenge that went viral, comparing ourselves in 2009 and 2019. Most of us looked cracking bad. Others, like my mum, were still the same: stunning, stylish, like time had no effect on them.

This made me think about how did she achieve this great result. The answer was obvious. She has style. And to have style makes you resistant to such mistakes.

Moreover, style pays back with creating an outfit easily in the morning, without the question of what to wear today and whether I look good. Cause you will look good. ALWAYS.

To have style saves time. It also saves money - most of the clothes will be totally invisible, as they’ll be not suitable for your style. And all this becomes natural over time, effortlessly.

So how can I find my style? I’ve got the answer to that. I’ve created the formula. I’ve tested it and it works brilliantly, just read below.

my mum 10 years ago, still looking relevant today.


Style – our first association with this word is of an impeccable appearance, of a successful person. No doubt, style is a self-expression of ourselves inside - out: values, emotions, interests. A visual mirror of our soul