How many times have you put on something in the morning just to ask yourself during the day, "Gosh, what the hell was I thinking?", after which your self-confidence falls immediately. Known feeling, right?

Or remember the 10 years challenge that went viral, comparing ourselves in 2009 and 2019. Most of us looked cracking bad. Others, like my mum, were still the same: stunning, stylish, like time had no effect on them.

This made me think about how did she achieve this great result. The answer was obvious. She has style. And to have style makes you resistant to such mistakes.

Moreover, style pays back with creating an outfit easily in the morning, without the question of what to wear today and whether I look good. Cause you will look good. ALWAYS.

To have style saves time. It also saves money - most of the clothes will be totally invisible, as they’ll be not suitable for your style. And all this becomes natural over time, effortlessly.

So how can I find my style? I’ve got the answer to that. I’ve created the formula. I’ve tested it and it works brilliantly, just read below.

my mum 10 years ago, still looking relevant today.


Style – our first association with this word is of an impeccable appearance, of a successful person. No doubt, style is a self-expression of ourselves inside - out: values, emotions, interests. A visual mirror of our soul.


We live in a society of different groups: friends, family, colleagues, strangers, our city, the whole world. Naturally, relationships between us and the rest get created. This is the first language we speak to people even before we say a word.

As I often repeat, we never have a second chance for a first impression. Nope, style isn’t about dressing for others. Remember - style is self-expression first. Therefore, it starts with ME: WHO I WANT TO BE.

Style has an extremely powerful, direct connection to how people perceive and act with us. Ask yourself, how you want the world to see you - successful, attractive, magnetic, happy, good looking, respected. Or maybe the opposite.

Furthermore, when we are dressed well, we have a very different sense of ourselves. We feel confident, strong. We manage our tasks better (scientifically proven). In a word - we mark SUCCESS.

And for those who think that style is not just about clothes, let me mention that 80% of it is our clothing. The remaining, minority 20% are for body language, manners, voice, behaviour, charisma.


The truth is that everyone has a way of expressing themselves through clothes, and that’s style. We still can't go naked, can we? But does it really match the ideal we want to be and the way we want the world to see us.

Most people believe that building a style is difficult. And while it does not come naturally to most, the truth is that creating a style is easy, especially if we know the right steps.

It’s important to point out here that building style pays off in time: it is much easier to become the person we want to be than to pretend who we want to be. Sooner or later, the truth comes out, so let the effort we put in be in the right, lasting direction.


No, on the contrary. Impeccable style breaks all kinds of barriers. It’s not affected by age, neither by size. Oppositely, it works beautifully by flattering them.


Look at your photos from two to five years ago. Do you like your look back then? Would you wear it today again? If not, then you're still in the process of building your style. The test below will only solve this for you faster.


Most people find it difficult to define their style, which often compromises self-expression. That is why I have prepared an easy & fast test to find the right style for you.

Look at the picture above. Read the various adjectives. Choose ONLY three that would ideally describe you. Now repeat the exercise by honestly enclosing the three that describe your current dressing now.

If you have a 100% match, congratulations! You already have a style. If not, let’s keeping reading.

Why can't there be more than three adjectives?

Because the more things we try to be, the more we move away from them actually. The fewer the words, the easier it’s to focus and execute. Three is enough, trust me. Over time you’ll see how easy it will be to dress in the morning and how the wardrobe detox will disappear forever.

The combination of three of so many options makes our combination unique. Add to them our body shape, skin colour, face, lips, nose, eyelashes, hair and this produces a unique combination, without an analogue among other people. Thus, there is no possibility that even another person with the same combination of words will look like us.

Why “trendy” is not among the adjectives?

Because trendy/fashionable comes from trends, and as you know, I don't believe in trends. They are the antipode of style. Instead of helping us to build style, they distract us constantly. The force us to lose our identity and to follow them blindly. They don’t ask if they’re suitable for us, because we have to adjust to them.

Why “effortless” is not among the adjectives?

Because any style will be effortless, once we create it.

Back to the test, the three words are the formula to your style DNA. Write them down with capital letters and stick the paper close/inside your wardrobe.


Now we’ll find how easy & effortlessly is to dress up according to our style.

Here’re the steps:

- Say “Good morning” and be grateful you have awakened. Feeling grateful is a gift that keeps us happy;

- Open the wardrobe;

- Look at your style DNA (the three words);

- Repeat them loudly, the aim here is to memorise them;

- Create an outfit defined by the three words;

- If a garment does not fit the three-word formula, remove it. It has no place in your wardrobe anymore. Clear all unsuitable clutter repeating the above;

- If the created outfit does not fit the formula, we make a new one. The unsuccessful combination should be removed permanently as an option in the future;

- Extra bonus: I added the word "aesthetic" to my three words. This way, my outfit should not only match the DNA, but should be also aesthetic. And because "aesthetic" is subjective to anyone, it makes the DNA style even more personal. Superb!

- To save time and effort, you can create a few outfits in advance for the following days.

That is, peaches! I told you it wasn’t difficult. From here, practice the steps every day. You will see for yourself how easy it will be day by day, effortlessly.

Now I’m off to prepare the next article – the rule of 1-10 scores in outfits and how always to be the maximum, a 10.

Always devoted to style,



NB! This article is bilingual. Below you will find it in Bulgarian.


Колко пъти сте обличали нещо сутрин, само за да се попитате през деня “Ау, как ми хрумна тази грешка?”, след което самочувствието ви пада веднага. Познато, нали?

Помните ли и предизвикателството 10 years challenge, което избухна яко и където се сравнявахме през 2009 и 2019 година. Болшинството бяхме за смях. Но други, като майка ми, бяха все същите: все така добре изглеждащи, все така стилни, сякаш времето за тях беше спряло.