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    | DIEGA | cropped jacket | black onyx



    No other colour is more versatile than black. No other jacket is more versatile than the DIEGA| cropped jacket |. From minimalistic simple tees through lavishly gathered blouses to rich patterned shirts, it is the ultimate tool for an effortless yet flawless look. Thin heels or thick trainers, both will elegantly fit here.


    Still the same stylish boxy fit. Still with the front patches. Still with the sharp collar. Still so fluidly to match – jeans, trousers, skirts, dresses are all sublime choices here. And most of all - still fits flawlessly across different shapes and sizes.




    • sharp cropped design wrapped in an eternal elongating silhouette
    • stylish boxy fit that gives a flawless finish across different sizes
    • classic pointed collar in exaggerated shape


    • graceful below the elbow sleeve length
    • invisible front fastening with translucid buttons


    • symmetrical front patches, one on each side
    • internal side pockets to slip your phone
    • air - light lining in sublime soft cotton
    • signature red trim finish inside

      real image | no retouch  

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