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    | DIEGA | summer dress | coral red tulle


    Mihaela is a health psychologist, a nutritionist, a TED talker, a successful entrepreneur, an ex-owner of a catering company. All at once. Extremely passionate about life, love and food. She's 170cm tall, wearing size "S is for stunning".




    Soft tulle in an alluring sheer dress shape wrapped in a timeless feminine silhouette. A perfect layering tool for creating endless flawless outfit combinations. Lighter than air. Delicate as a deeply romantic soul yet tough to wear. Meet the gentlest | DIEGA | summer dress of all. An excellence crafted to give only pure style joy. For finest look results, layer on top of another | DIEGA | dress or the | rose boobs | tee.


    Suits all body shapes. And all kind of shoes. Could be styled with belt for extra body contouring.




    • quintessential design wrapped in an eternal elegant silhouette
    • the exemplary piece to create a flawless summer look
    • exceptionally versatile as it could be styled with every kind of shoes: from boots through trainers to sandals


    • gracefully thin straps, fully adjustable
    • lavishly gathered ruffles in a single tier


    • double layered for additional wear toughness
    • classic below the knee line
    • unlined for full sheer statement
    • signature red label

      real image | no retouch  

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