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    | DORA | ruffled cape jacket | velvet purple


    Marina is 178cm tall, wearing size "ONE: fabulous size fits many".




    From early spring to late autumn a jacket is a must in every wardrobe selection . From bikers through long trench coats to simple shirt-like design, it has never left the fashion scene.

    Now it’s time for all of them to leave as in the spotlight comes the DIEGA | ruffled cape jacket |. Powerfully dramatic. Scarcely elegant. With richly gathered ruffle that makes a high stylish presence. Made to elevate every look – flawless and gracefully classy.

    From jeans to trousers and skirts, from heels to trainers, no item is a challenge for this jacket to match. From early morning to late night events, it still fits immaculately no matter the occasion.

    Now in a soft, almost velvet-to-touch fabric. Now add a gentle, lavender purple hue. A pure irresistible stylish piece.


    Make space in your wardrobe – the definition of elegance on a completely new, higher level it’s here.


    o    statement design wrapped in an eternal elegant silhouette
    o    stylish fit that gives a flawless finish across different sizes
    o    clean crew neckline with a minimalistic collar
    o    graceful cape shape empowered by righly gathered ruffle
    o    classic long sleeve length underneath
    o    front fastening with translucid buttons
    o    double layered for a perfect finish
    o    signature red trim finish inside

      real image | no retouch  

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