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    | THE LAST BONTEBOK | white tee



    Inspired by the constantly vanishing nature, this tee collection combines beautiful flowers arrangements covered by endangered, yet irresistibly looking four fauna species. The result is a highly sophisticated print that magically turn each one of these tees into a true masterpiece art.


    So take advantage of their high elegance look and pair them with any trousers for a stunning, flawless look, especially with heeled shoes. STILL GREAT with jeans. Go great on top of the | DIEGA | summer dress.


    THE LAST BONTEBOK – a nearly extinct species, in the 19th century there were only 17 left from this graceful antelope. Now successfully back in the wild nature and our tee, this print is the most subtle one, making it perfect to match with anything in the most expensively looking palette – beige. Or white, as a second best option.



    • one size fit for ultimate elegance across different body shapes & sizes
    • relaxed dropped shoulder construction
    • elegant mid elbow length


    • high crew neckline
    • soft high quality cotton
    • signature satin trim finish inside

      real image | no retouch  

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