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“Celim ciba arutu

nikimi olan tucivaa

samo tucij amo ayalan uci

meva mysti mislima”


Her lips quietly uttered the mystical Persian words letter-by-letter, row after row. The dark magic pierced the silence and like a black shadow riding the wind, crept invisibly along the ground. The boy began to lose strength. His body began trembling.


An inky cloud hung over his chest. His soul, shackled prisoner of the poisonous words, left his body like a humble slave and floated towards the fatal seductress. Her hair - an endless silky mane of an Arab horse - swayed slightly. Beneath it the beautiful enchanting eyes revealed.

Her fingers grew dark as pitch. The spell was already soaking in her body, injecting in her veins another innocent young soul. FARIBA, the tempting queen of the darkness was thirsty.

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