If you have ever wondered what has happened to us and why we are posting beautiful nature shots on Instagram, it's now official. At the end of 2017 we left the big and ever busy cosmopolitan London. We moved our office in the wild, where the songs of happy birds, brave flowing river waves, snowy mountain peaks and evergreen forests meet altogether under the eyes of the sun. It sounds magical because it is. Black - brown horses, small deer with even smaller antlers, lighting-fast falcons chasing fainthearted rabbits on the background of bright green heels are a happy surprising sight during our lunchtime breaks.

This is the only way we could talk bravely about sustainability, earth-friendly fashion and conscious clothes choices, near our native home, in the heart of nature. We often forget we are part of this loving eco-system. So when we say we have lost connection with nature, we have lost connection with ourselves.

"There is no way to believe in bright sustainable future of fashion and be far from our mother nature at the same time."
Yvailo & Goce

​If you would like to dive a bit deeper in our place, take a look

Actual view from the office window during the changing seasons

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