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"Put your heart, mind and soul into even your smallest acts.

This is the secret to success."

Swami Sivananda   



A fashion designer, a passionate storyteller, a creative leader – all this fits me in what I do. I call myself THE HEART as everything I create, I create with a great love: designing clothes, photoshoots, campaigns, interiors, pretty much everything that needs a beautiful vision.


Incredibly aesthetic by nature with a fearless sense for self-expression. A firm believer in quality, no matter if we talk about clothes or relationship. Enormous nature lover. A passionate gardener. And a happy grateful person.


Always devoted to style. Always.

For more of my personal experience join me on Instagram


Goce is the vital link between commerce and deadlines. Throw him deeply into invoices, sales, merchandising, gosh he loves all that administrative work along with a  cup of strong Italian espresso. An absolute deliverer - what gets on his desk will get done no matter what. Less visual and a lot more analytical, always with an eagle-eye approach to details and firm principles when setting budgets.


That’s why he is THE MIND. Great to plan, great to set deadlines, not so good with sudden surprises as they are out of his calendar and so is everything chaotic. Another endless nature lover that dreams constantly of travelling the world.

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Believe it or not, Dora had her own work chair between our two. When we were in the office, she was in the office too. Never missed a single day.


Her position – the Mediator, THE SOUL. She barely dis anything apart from sleeping (actually has a published book “How to master the real deep sleep”, an international bestseller). Her role was major as she took the stress out of the office. She was always there at your help when needed, reminding you of one truly priceless thing in life – unconditional love. A few cuddles and kisses, the pressure is gone, the energy back, feeling ready for the next challenge. Her naughty sin: beds and cars. She literally fited in any size bed, tiny or enormous and she loved to be driven.

Dora didn't had her own Instagram as way too busy sleeping, but you can find her on mine with a dedicated highlights section.

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