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Everything we do is in the name of flawless style. Sleek, feminine, a touch (or more) provocative yet always aesthetic. Beautiful clothes with character that break age boundaries and outlive trends. Sophisticated dresses that inspire you to zip up or zip down. Sculptured trousers that push up both your bum and your confidence. Blouses that contour finesse around your body. Pieces that make you feel sensuous in every size. It’s a vogue revolution, girls!


How do we do it? We simply skip the fashion industry standards. We do not design for models solely.  Our clothes are not meant to look perfect on mannequins only. We take women outside the modelling business. Women of diverse age, shape, size and height. Women who still shine stunningly like cover girls from editorial pages yet with no retouch on them. Just like you.


We never talk about trends. We never do seasons. Catwalks do not exist in our world. Because true style does not fit in such tight frames.


Would you love to join the revolution? We promise you to never doubt again what to wear. You have our immaculate style guide on your side.


P.S. Need more reasons? We do it all sustainably and we're 100% vegan. THERE. 

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