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Stylish peaches, reflecting on my life in recent months, I realised that the greatest, where sometimes the best, where sometimes the hardest lessons I have learnt are by running our business YVAILO. For the past 7 years, our beloved project has been constantly taking me out of the comfort zone and giving me new knowledge, both for business and for life, but always in the direction of self-improvement.

Therefore, I’ve decided to do a series called SCHOOL OF LIFE, where I will share all the lessons that have changed my life for good during these years, and I hope they will help you in the way they did for me. The first is left to the strongest and most spiritual one: the feeling of being grateful.

The story starts like this:

One sunny marvellous day, towards the very end of our vacation in Bali, we (the three of us-me, Goce and my mum) were travelling to the airport. While being tanned and satisfied with all the beautiful memories we had created, the thought of the long and exhausting flight that awaits us made us moaning and feeling a bit grumpy. We reached the airport fence, where one could clearly see the planes. And there, on that same fence were many couples gathered together, watching the flights taking off and landing to the ground. Amazed by the number of people, we asked our taxi driver what's going on.

He, kind and smiling as usual, replied:

“These young people are daydreaming. They know that they may never be able to get on a plane and fly out of here.” In an instant, like poured with ice cold water, all dissatisfaction on our part regarding the forthcoming flight was steamed down. At that moment, as a total sober up, my world turned around, in the right direction.

I realized how often we take things in life for granted, when in fact they are a gift. How, despite the difficult situation we might be in, there is always a person who would like to be in our place by getting out of even more difficult position. How, in our never-ending thirst for more, we forget to rejoice and be thankful for what we have. How we are eternally unhappy, focusing on what we do not have.

The truth is we can't have everything. And even better because where will our goals go. And if we have everything, are we not going to become endless consumers who are always buying because we never have enough.