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Here we are at the verge of the New Year, literally hours before it takes off. I no longer make unrealistic resolutions. I used to follow them shortly and blame myself for that for a long time after. I’ve learned that every day can be a new year. Every day could start with a resolution, without the need to wait for the year to end. I only learnt to appreciate the lessons and achievements a year brings. So I made a short list of the 5 most important things I've learnt or achieved this year that changed my life:

1) BODY POSITIVE. As a person whose weight has constantly been up and down, this year I finally learnt to REALLY love my body for what it is. Even when it's not how I want it to be (which is most of the time), I don't blame it any longer. On the contrary, I love it even then.

It’s the temple for my soul and so it deserves nothing less than pure love.

The consequences: no more body stress & food guilt! And most importantly found the balance I’ve always seek for. I will share more about it next year, but the results are already becoming visible. This change is by far my biggest success in 2019, a true game-changer. Peaches, love your body, even if it is not where you want it, because it does not deserve the pressure and judgement we put it through constantly.

2) OUR BUSINESS CHANGE, Hallelujah! Finally, I can say that we work in perfect harmony with the morals within us. Our business covers perfectly with our principles and our love for nature. And this is such a relief. And we don't sell clothes anymore, no, no!

We empower to women to create a flawless style beyond trends and age. And size, of course.

So grateful for this change as we looked for it for years, trying to find the balance between style and nature. Thank you, Nadia Petrova! You know this would not be possible without you.

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3) While accomplishing our business change, I also FOUND MY STYLE. "But you always had style!", most of you will say, those who’ve been following me for years. I had yes, but it was never consistent, nor coherent.

All the time I was staggering from one extreme to the other, but never dedicated to one. While thinking about our business, I was able to work out a formula for my style and myself.

Combined with my body positive achievement, I feel great, now both inside and outside. I will reveal the formula soon. Promise, it does miracles, for me, for you, for everyone!

4) OUR ANNIVERSARY with Goce. 13 years together is an achievement for sure, especially on our age. 13 years ago I wished destiny to meet me with a partner on my zodiac sign (Aquarius), blindly believing our lives together would be easier. And destiny did. And till now it works. We don’t make plans for the future, we are just grateful for everything we got through together.

5) LEARNED TO SAY NO! Or as Goce says, you started saying NO! I'm not where I need to be yet, but hey, some start is better than none. I laid the foundations, all I have to do from now one is to keep building up.

The extra achievement: last year we became foster parents of a lost dachshund until we found her new owners. This year we adopted two kittens-brothers and now our family officially has 6 members. It’s a crazy madhouse, but a very sweet! Plus this year the garden was fantastic: tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchinis, pumpkins, peppers, spices, we had it all.

And I am incredibly grateful for everything, so grateful. Grateful for my life.

So my stylish peaches, thank you for being with us during this year. Make sure to farewell with this already passing year with love as the new one will give you twice more. Love is the key – love yourselves, your beloved ones, our nature, our world.


Always devoted to style,




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