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    BIANCA | heavenly beautiful placemats | pack of 6 | choose your designs


    Farewell, boring table. Goodbye, traditions.

    It’s time to break all known boundaries. Create the ULTIMATE DINING EXPERIENCE that will stun your guests. From first sight to the last bite.

    Wildflower blossoms, aristocratic fairytales, enchanting ladies’ bodies, mesmerizing mermaids, dreamy gardens with elegant cranes, catchy eyes and juicy lips, cheerful sun and magnificent postcards all gather together to design the most beautiful dining spot. Like no other.

    How you will pair them, it’s entirely up to you. A single design, two of those and four of these, all different, YOU DECIDE which designs make it to your cartridge. You have ALL THE FREEDOM to create how you want it. For even more irresistible results, combine with the table runners and table cloth from the BIANCA range.

    Just remember, this isn’t a regular dinner, it’s a CELEBRATION OF LIFE. Happy table! Happy guests!

    P.S. All pieces are carefully finished with a ribbon on the opposite side. For an even flat surface without wobbling glasses. Wrinkle and stain-resistant. Quick to dry. Made from soft cotton and linen blends fabric with VERY RICH COLOURS on.

    Trust me, you won’t find such beauties elsewhere.

    IMPORTANT WHEN ORDERING: to order the right designs in the right quantity, make sure you type them correctly. Here’s an example: PRIMAVERA x 3, SIZZLING EYES x 2, MERMAID x 1. You can mix and match how you want within the quantity of six placemats.



    • statement design wrapped in twelve unique designs
    • stylish and beautiful for a flawless finish on the table
    • printed on high-class cotton-blend fabric that lies gracefully
    • very rich colours that pop out immediately


    • wrinkle and stain-resistant, incredibly quick to dry
    • high-class finish with a ribbon underneath, for a flat even surface


    • size: 33cm in height | 44cm in length
    • individually signed with a discreet logo

      real image | no retouch  

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