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    | DIEGA | finesse blouse | "your highness shoes" print


    Danny is 165cm tall, wearing size "ONE: fabulous size fits many".




    Quintessential yet empowering. Subtle yet still with a full style presence. Simple yet with highly opulent character. A real example of glamorous joy, both for the eyes and for the wardrobe. Here it is, her majesty DIEGA | finesse blouse |, covered fully in spectacular Mid Ages slippers print, ready to land gracefully on your shoulders.


    Royally  match every item, no matter the style: from classic black trousers to heavy worn jeans, from rough chunky boots to elegant kitten heels, from minimalistic gold jewellery to bold, arty necklaces. A queen like no other. A queen just as you.





    • one size fit for ultimate elegance across different body shapes & sizes
    • relaxed dropped shoulder construction
    • balloon sleeve cut in three - quarter length, discreetly lined  for maximum finesse boost


    • gentle open-back split with translucid neck button 
    • classic crew neckline
    • signature red satin trim finish inside


    matching | DIEGA | trousers available for the ultimate style look.

      real image | no retouch  

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