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    | ESME | statement shirt | wild carnival print



    Just like every piece from the ESME series, this cotton is nothing else than a pure ICONIC STYLE statement. First, the long elegant linen sleeves that recreate bold tattoos incarnated on the skin.  Hundreds of swallows, skeleton kitties and colorful love hearts, bordered by ever blossoming roses, dancing together to the music of wild carnival. All that in a single print.


    Then follows the big and very sharp collar with large swallow patch embroideries. Now add soft, crispy white cotton to the front and back. And a one-size design that flawlessly allows you to wear it tied-knotted, tucked-in or hanging loosely.


    This shirt is best with jeans for a slightly casual look. Or with the ESME narrow legs trousers to recreate the frivolous gitana vibes. Perfectly goes with the denim culottes, available here too.

    As for the shoes, stick with lace-up sandals or cowboy boots.



    o            gentle boxy fit wrapped in an eternal design

    o            soft-to-touch cotton in an elegantly draping silhouette

    o            one size fit for ultimate grace across different body shapes & sizes


    o            classic pointed collar with a single button

    o            invisible front fastening with translucid buttons


    o            relaxed dropped shoulder construction for graceful sleeve fit

    o            below the waist classic length

    o            air–light feel

      real image | no retouch  

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