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    | FARIBA | highly graceful dress | "your highness shoes" print


    Ani is 174cm tall, wearing size "M is for marvellous ".




    We have the fits-in-all-situations dress – the FREYA dress. We have the easiest-to-combine dress – the DIEGA dress. The FARIBA dress, however, is in a different league on its own. By far, the most graceful dress.


    Sophisticated, exquisitely refined with beautifully draping silhouette that would leave all eyes on us impressed. Loose open long sleeves that dare the breeze to play gently with them. Discreetly elasticated waist to fit all situations and moods. Contrasty trimmed ends that turn this beauty into perfection.


    Sophisticated, yet nothing sophisticated when it comes to match it: no matter what shoes and bags you pick, the FARIBA dress will ELEVATE EVERY LOOK. For biggest impression, wear on its own and avoid any jackets. Now in “your highness shoes” print to claim the crown you always deserved.



    •           truly elegant look wrapped in an eternal graceful design

    •           classic crew neckline, finished in satin trim

    •           relaxed dropped shoulder construction

    •           beautifully split long bishop sleeves


    •           elasticated waist for real comfort

    •           magically draped bottom with asymmetrical touch


    •           gentle open-back split with translucid neck button

    •           classic crew neckline

    •           signature satin trim finish inside

      real image | no retouch  

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