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  • | LOLA | twisted blouse | sheering black




    This blouse might be simplistic by first look, but it creates a maximum impression. Exquisitely refined, with a shawl collar that beautifully drapes from top all the way down and creates an alluring V-neck. Add the fairy, richly gathered sleeves that hide a classic square cuffs underneath.


    The result is a highly elegant piece that creates a rich glamour aura. Pair with jeans to give yourself the look of a truly iconic Hollywood actress for the day. Swap the denim with trousers for an irresistible night outfit that will make all competition simply invincible.


    The greatest combination is with the matching LOLA lavishly wide trousers and LOLA soft georgette blazer. Then the shoe option is simply endless: with trainers to chase those daily tasks and with heels to celebrate all victories.


    Now made in discreetly sheering black georgette that is designed to emphasize on your beautiful lingerie.




    o            draping silhouette for effortless elegance

    o            soft, kind-to-touch georgette

    o            deep V-neck that still hides the bust


    o            shall collar for minimalistic aesthetic

    o            richly gathered sleeves

    o            classic square cuffs underneath


    o            air light feeling

      real image | no retouch  

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