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  • BIANCA | majestic table runner | ROYAL GARDEN


    Farewell, boring table. Goodbye, traditions.

    It’s time to break all known boundaries. Create the ULTIMATE DINING EXPERIENCE that will stun your guests. From first sight to the last bite.

    Magnificient arrangement of all types of flowers, freshly picked for Her Majesty’s garden. Accompanied by rainbow quails, exotic hoopoes, ever-busy hummingbirds and chatty parrots to keep the guests busy starring. It’s not a regular table runner, but a HIGH FORM OF QUEEN’S ART.

    Impressive on its own. Even more marvellous when paired with the tablecloth and placemats from the BIANCA range.
    Cause this isn’t a regular dinner, it’s a CELEBRATION OF LIFE. Happy table! Happy royal guests!

    P.S. All pieces are carefully finished with a ribbon on the opposite side. For an even flat surface without wobbling glasses. Wrinkle and stain-resistant. Quick to dry. Made from soft cotton and linen blends fabric with VERY RICH COLOURS on.

    Trust me, you won’t find such beauties elsewhere.


    • statement design
    • stylish and beautiful for a flawless finish on the table
    • printed on high-class cotton-blend fabric that lies gracefully
    • very rich colours that pop out immediately


    • wrinkle and stain-resistant, incredibly quick to dry
    • high-class finish with a ribbon underneath, for a flat even surface


    • size: 40cm in height | 160cm in length
    • individually signed with a discreet logo

      real image | no retouch  

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