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    | SOPHIE | tiered maxi skirt | iconic leopard



    There is nothing random about this highly ROMANTIC, excessively ELEGANT richly gathered skirt in a striking stylish print. It can elevate with a huge ease every outfit from normal to ICONIC.

    The secret? A rich avalanche of endless soft crepe de chine in richly gathered rows that beautifully moves with every single step taken. Elasticated waist that wraps perfectly & comfortably  around the body. A classy ankle length for a full maxi, dramatic silhouette. Not a skirt, but a timeless art.

    It is a maxi skirt, but it is air-light weighted with a floaty feeling that makes to want to move and more. In a one-fits-all size, suits all body shapes. And all kinds of shoes.

    High class finish with French seams for no threads and raw edges visible. Crafted from a light viscose – polyester blend.


    o    timeless design wrapped in an eternal A-line tiered silhouette
    o    both contemporary and elegant
    o    elasticated waist for comfort body fit
    o    richly gathered meters and meters of printed crepe de chin
    o    meters and meters of fabric for dramatic, breath-stopping movement
    o    air – light, without lining
    o    graceful ankle length

      real image | no retouch  

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