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  • | STATE OF ART | lady with the flower | soft white cotton



    Curtains, pull! Let’s see which MAJOR art takes centre stage!

    There, on its own shines the STATE OF ART series tees. Fancier than a plain style, yet confidentially minimalistic, with powerful artwork. This time of a strong french bulldog lady carrying an enormous, stunning single-stem tulip. Made to impress from the first glimpse. Definitely with a controlling power to turn anyone into a high-octane curator of style.

    Pair it boldly with white trousers and statement leather heels and you just conquered the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Combine it with a flirty, loose skirt and experience a 360-degree makeover: late-night summer vibes, full moon, the quiet sound of sea waves, a cocktail or two and a sizzling dancefloor.

    No matter the situation, will work with everything. Will uplift everything. Most of all, will UPLIFT YOU. A blissful joy to wear.
    In a generous one-size pattern to wrap beautifully across different body shapes.

      real image | no retouch  

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