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    | TAKANAKA | soft shirt | paradise of EDEN



    Once upon a time, there was a hidden floral paradise. A secret place, far from the human touch, where large pretty flowers bloom beautifully untouched by anyone. Colourful, vivid, peaceful, just perfect. Especially on those peachy sunset evenings.

    It’s time for this surreal scene to come alive, by decorating your most favourite shirt – the TAKANAKA. Artful florals that boost serotonin levels. Inspiring to wear. Gorgeously light. Printed on a soft linen blend, it looks stunning in photos. Even more stunning in person. For a high stunning statement, twenty-four seven.

    This irresistible paradise is a match made in heaven, when it comes to outfits. Understated yet refined for those sunny casual days, by the beach hiding under the umbrella or in the city, paired with your favourite jeans. Call the moon, pull the strap on the heels and suddenly transforms into a glamorous diva for those unforgettable late-night parties.


    o    gentle boxy fit wrapped in an eternal design
    o    soft-to-touch satin in an elegantly draped silhouette
    o    one size fit for ultimate grace across different body shapes & sizes
    o    classic pointed collar with a single button
    o    invisible front fastening with translucid buttons
    o    relaxed dropped shoulder construction for a graceful sleeve fit
    o    below the waist classic length
    o    аir – light feel
    o    signature trim finish inside

      real image | no retouch  

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