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    | THE LAST LEOPARD | tee



    Inspired by the constantly vanishing nature, this tee collection combines beautiful flowers arrangements covered by endangered, yet irresistibly looking four fauna species. The result is a highly sophisticated print that magically turn each one of these tees into a true masterpiece art.


    So take advantage of their high elegance look and pair them with any trousers for a stunning, flawless look, especially with heeled shoes. STILL GREAT with jeans. Sublime on top of the | DIEGA | summer dress.


    THE LAST LEOPARD – the classiest of all, enchanting, fiercely beautiful, reminding you to be brave and stand behind your style. Go with full black for a refined statement look. Or white, if you want the print to stand out. Be warned, this tee will make everyone bite on their tongue.


    • one size fit for ultimate elegance across different body shapes & sizes
    • relaxed dropped shoulder construction
    • elegant mid elbow length


    • high crew neckline
    • soft high quality cotton
    • signature satin trim finish inside

      real image | no retouch  

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