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    TILLY | signature tiered maxi dress | giraffes & figs




    “A dress can’t change anything.”

    “WATCH AND LEARN” – that popular quote from the Dressmaker film can definitely relate to this signature TILLY maxi dress. Richly gathered crepe de chine with delicate sheer notes arranged in tiered rows that create an endless symphony of gracefully moving fabric. Followed by an astonishing print with figs, leaves and a few giraffes here and there. Draws the attention immediately, no doubt.

    Not only this dress can change anything and anyone. It is also suitable for almost every life situation: from early beach mornings to wild midday safaris to late summer club nights. Plus if AD ever comes to show your beautiful home, this is it, you have the right dress for it.

    Endlessly romantic, in a A-line pattern with draped sleeves, sharp exaggerated collar and invincible buttoning with even more invincible translucid buttons. Excessively elegant, with a detachable belt to clinch that waist.

    It is a maxi dress, but it is air-light weighted with a floaty feeling that makes to want to move and more. In a one-fits-all size, suits all body shapes. And all kind of shoes.

    High class finish with French seams for no threads and raw edges visible. Crafted from light viscose – polyester blend.


    o            quintessential design wrapped in an eternal elegant silhouette
    o            the exemplary piece to create a flawless summer look
    o            exceptionally versatile: any shoes, any situation, any body.
    o            sharp collar for a high presence notes
    o            lavishly gathered ruffles in a tiered pattern
    o            practical, deep pockets to slip your phone
    o            maxi ankle length
    o            unlined for full sheer statement
    o            signature red label

      real image | no retouch  

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