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Another moonless night blindly sank in the blue darkness.  Another lost ship with desperate sailors without hopes. Suddenly a few bright sparkles broke the gloom like tiny azure stars. SYREENE again as a bait showed her mesmerising glitter nymph skin. Shimmer mist sprinkled the black sand. Tears as frozen snowflakes filled her eyes. The grief from her dead love, fatally seduced in a sea storm, was still bitterly bleeding. His face silently as a ghost wandered the sea bed.


The ship turned towards the magnificent bay. The bay where arctic freeze and dead waters had lethally wrapped every sailor's face. The bay where all hopes had turned into ice. SYREENE knew what a disaster she had became. But all the other women had to know how deep her despair is. The despair as sharp as a cutting iceberg to lose the beloved one.


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