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It was a monstrous-frightening sight. The nuclear apocalypse was scarily reminding the few last survivors of the dear price of human ferocity. Aggression had only left an enormous concrete jungle. Stone by stone clustered in an endless sea of stones. No sign of any flora. The fauna was a distant memory of the past.


Rust, the new plague, was ingesting bloodily everything: clothes, bones, skin, rocks, soil. It had drained the last few drops of water. Dead silence. Silent steps.

A black and white shadow. TAKANAKA, the ruthless empress of the new Amazon. Her hair - tangled lianas with lethal spears that knew no mercy. Her eyes – bone-white lakes full of rage. Her lips, covered with dark vengeance. Her fingers, hardly visible, sunken in oxidized copper rings. They were a sharp reminder of the human lives she had taken away fearlessly. Nature had prepared her revenge. And she already had her warrior.

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