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Midnight. White moon shines quietly over the empty streets of Cairo. The city has sunk in a deep quiet sleep. Black shadow slips quickly through the narrow paths. Her breath is fast. Her steps-soundless. Tiny metallic echoes leave jingling traces and vanish in a moment. The gold royal chain wraps tightly around the neck. The face barely appears beneath the beautiful curls. The clothes, more like jewelry instead sparkle like little falling stars. It’s the princess.


ZAHRAA is running away. The love of the man so sinful according to the laws yet so innocent in her soul, fills the heart with courage. He is waiting for her. There, as promised, after the desert, on the other side of River Nile. She has to be quick to beat the sunrise. The moon, quiet patroness of their secret meetings, slightly burns out. The shadow sinks into the sea of night darkness.


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