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December, the end of another year. Time for the usual summary, holiday preparations, future plans, resolutions, targets, an endless list, which stresses more rather than creating positive vibe. I’ve stopped planning for the sake to save me from terrible headache. I already have a strong one from this miserable year feeling like every day is a memory - less, hangover day.

1) First GOSH goes to: I no longer have a posh phone. This year made my life less mobile and more real. Mid - range phone degrade instead of a high-end all-in-one gadget. What am I going to do without a call device - finger-scanner to access my pictures, photoshop my selfie wrinkles and check myself at place I am actually not but my social media friends would be jealous to see me at.

No more hefty contracts that skin my wallet. No 4G to squeeze my battery. No more heads nailed into screens. Farewell neck pain, I am going to miss you so much.

2) GOSH again for that difficult year, full of expectations and disappointments. Sky-high expectations and bloody red disappointments, followed by terrible self-accusations for every fail achieved.

Instead of praising myself, I felt dumber. Meanwhile the same virtual friends kept sharing Instagram shoots of new jobs, posh holidays, expensive champagne and of course latest hi-tech phones.

The dumb feeling keeps growing. Isn’t it somehow offensive knowing my enormous talent and their obvious lack of skills? Are people around them blind or is it just me? Not only I feel dumb but aggravated with frustration. The headache gets worst.

3) GOSH for all the fashion competitions we applied to this year, we passed successfully on every stage and we failed at the final. Quickly recalling the jury summary we kindly requested from a prestigious platform for fresh designer talent:

"YVAILO is too "concept" and non-wearable, lacking coherence in design ideas through the AW14 collection and the business plan is messy".

Dear FREYA, do not fill yourself with hatred, you are still magnificently beautiful. Business plan, do not forget you won an award from an independent entrepreneurial organisation. Lesson learnt: a competition is set so certain people can win. What a surprise six of the eight finalists chosen were the same as the previous season. Somebody quickly bring me a whiskey with ice to burry that headache, as I am about to explode.

Actually, HOLD ON. I am a positive strong person, not a moaning hater. POSITIVE STRONG PERSON. No more GOSH, but CHEERS for that difficult year that wasn’t treating me badly but teaching me the right, positive lessons:

*) Understanding instead of judging people as we do not know what people are going through;

*) Do not compare yourself to others, as no one is ever perfect. Instead try to simply be a better person than the one you were yesterday. Self-improvement, baby;

*) Life is what it is. Accept it and move on;

Expect nothing, appreciate everything, and stop complaining. Great way to prevent any disappointments. No one ever owns you anything, neither you do. Full stop;

*) Help only when you have been asked to. A follow-up of the one above;

*) We are what our thoughts are. Create bin icon quickly for all doubts and self-accusations.

*) THINK POSITIVE. Again think positive. Last time: visualise positive;

*) Be happy – it takes so little to be yet so much to understand it. Remind yourself that often.

*) Personal life above professional. Otherwise a sacrifice not worth.

*) Less consumerism – there is no happiness in any shopping bag, only guilty credit card bank statements mimicking a fulfilled life;

*) Luxury does not exist in shops; clothes are either well or poorly made. Luxury is honest people, faithful friends, loving partner. Everything else money can buy;

*) Speaking of luxury, leather and fur are now past in my shopping basket. No animal deserves a life sacrifice for my selfish vanity especially when quality hi-tech alternatives are available. Neither I want to live on a gigantic farm called Earth;

*) Enjoy life now - there is no tomorrow, no yesterday. We cannot change the past. We cannot predict the future. We only exist here, at this moment and nowhere else. Make the very best of it.


Cheers for that great year again. Difficult yet beautifully wise.





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