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An old couple in front of me at the supermarket queue. The gentleman, probably the age of a grandfather is a sleek man in a white cotton pinned shirt and black fine wool trousers with a razor sharp edge combined with tight suspenders. His lady is in a waisted jacquard blazer, poplin shirt, knee length skirt and two-inch classic court heels. Incredibly neat looks and refined manners.

This isn’t their uniform for Sunday church service, but a daily habit, an indisputable rule one can tell. Quick buzz from my phone: another email notification. Business title about the death of skinny jeans replaced by the possible next king of sales - sweatpants.

No surprise - the streets are full of women in tight jersey leggings and short blouses that barely cover their bottoms. Men predominantly in jeans and baggy around the ankle trousers wearing paper-thin wrinkled blazers with sleeves that gently brush the knuckles.

The current contrast of dressing nowadays. The victory of mass production vs the extinction of around-the-corner tailors. Lifestyle evolution or pure surrender to comfort? Do we follow the traditions passed by our families or everything is erased by the freedom of personal style?

Since elementary school our brains are constantly overloaded with knowledge of all subjects. Writing, reading, grammar rules, algebra, undoubtedly needed on a daily basic level. Physics, chemistry, biology – used occasionally here and there, enough to know as a friend says that salt dissolves grease stains from a cotton shirt.

But how about subjects such as body posture, etiquette and fashion? How to walk straight and avoid leaning? How to hold the fork and knife properly during dinner? Who enters the door first – the lady or the gentleman? Men’s blazer – buttons on the left or right side?

No, these are not final questions from “Who wants to be a billionaire”. No doubt we may never remember or even practise the formula for homemade soap starting from a single carbon cell, but for sure we cannot be naked.